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CONPLAN - Consultores do Planeamento, Lda. is a Portuguese company, with 30 years of existence, based in Lisbon, with the mission of providing technical advisory services. CONPLAN performs mainly in the following areas:

  • Development and Implementation of Information Systems
  • Preparation and Delivery of Professional Training Courses in b-learning and e-learning
  • Custom internet portal development
  • Multimedia product development
  • Consulting in human resource training, organization management and marketing


Um passo à frente na organização do trabalho nas Empresas


Plataforma de Registo da Atividade Formativa para as Escolas de Condução.


Consulte no site do Portugal 2020 as novas candidaturas, clicando nesta ligação.

sharpNet is a platform that enables the creation of modular information systems, scalable, made to ease the construction of powerful web business solutions, tailored to every need.

It provides an excellent integration of information because it allows the organization to update, manage, maintain and publish content from a centralized environment.

Studiu is a online modular training and e-learning platform, versatile and easy to use. Being vastly used as:

  • a support environment for classroom training,
  • online component for blended training,
  • fully online training platform.

The platform runs on any computer, requiring only a web browser.

Examination system that allows the realization of different types of exams and on-line tests with preprogrammed automatic correction:

  • Supports tests with different types of questions and possibilities with videos, animations or images integration
  • Random generation of unique testes according to pre-defined question matrix, and time-limited
  • Monitoring tool and statistical reports on the approval ratings, resolutions and questions

SharpFlow is a simple and efficient web platform to manage teams and projects. Simplifies the management of companies's quality systems and has a set of features among are:

  • Working procedures
  • Task Management
  • Creation of Workflows
  • Reports
  • Real-time activities timeline
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